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We provide a free eco-system with all hardware and software requirements to help run your restaurant seamlessly.

Point of Sale

Android POS device + App

The Android POS device and app allow restaurant staff to efficiently manage orders, payments, and inventory using Android-based hardware and software.

Multiple Locations

Easily manage and monitor operations across multiple restaurant locations from a centralized system, streamlining management and reporting.

Printed + electronic receipts

Generate and distribute printed and electronic receipts for customers, providing flexibility in how transactions are documented.

Multiple Payment Methods

Accept various payment methods tailored to your restaurant's needs, providing convenience for both customers and staff.

Table Layouts

Enhanced table layouts by displaying real-time information such as time elapsed since seating, total order amount, and more, empowering staff to provide better service and improve table turnover.

Bill Discounts

Apply discounts to customer bills, providing flexibility in pricing and promotions to enhance customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business.

Refunds - Item and Bill

Effortlessly process refunds for specific items or entire bills, ensuring a smooth and customer-friendly refund experience.

Item Choices and Addons

Customize menu items with a variety of choices and addons, allowing customers to personalize their orders to their liking.

Shift + Cash Management

Efficiently track and manage cash transactions and shifts for staff, ensuring accurate accounting and cash-handling procedures.

Item Availability

Monitor and update the availability of menu items in real-time, preventing orders for out-of-stock items and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Supports QSR and Table Service Restaurants

Adaptable POS system suitable for both Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) and Table Service Restaurants, catering to diverse dining establishment needs.

Customisable Taxes and Service Charges

Adjust taxes and service charges dynamically based on the order type (e.g., dine-in, takeout, delivery), offering flexibility in pricing and compliance.

Kitchen Printers

Streamline kitchen operations by automatically sending order details to designated kitchen printers, ensuring accurate and efficient food preparation.

Dining Options

Offer a range of dining options, including dine-in, takeout, and delivery, to cater to diverse customer preferences and increase revenue opportunities.

Integrated Payments

Seamlessly process payments with a wide range of integrated payment options, including Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayNow, Alichat Pay, and Wechat Pay, while also having the flexibility to customize additional payment methods to suit your needs.

Menu Management

Menu Items Customisation

Easily customize and modify menu items to align with your restaurant's unique offerings and accommodate customer preferences.

Addons Customisations

Effortlessly manage your menu by customizing and fine-tuning addon options to enhance the customer ordering experience.


Choices Customisations

Tailor menu item choices to meet customer preferences by customizing and personalizing options for a more personalized dining experience.

Dine in QR Ordering

QR Ordering

Empower customers to order and pay seamlessly through QR codes, simplifying the dining experience while promoting safety and efficiency.

Employee Management

Access rights and audit trail

Efficiently manage restaurant staff with customizable access rights and keep track of actions through an audit trail, ensuring security and accountability in your operations.

Sales Analytics


Sales Trend

Gain valuable insights into your restaurant's performance by analyzing sales trends, helping you make data-driven decisions for improved business strategies.

Popular Items

Access detailed analytics on sales data, including sales by individual items and popular items, to optimize menu offerings and maximize revenue.

Order History

Review comprehensive order history data to track customer preferences, order patterns, and improve restaurant operations for better customer satisfaction.


Tax Report

Generate tax reports for accurate financial record-keeping and tax compliance, simplifying accounting and reporting processes for your restaurant.


Employee Sales Report

Track and analyze employee sales performance to reward top performers, identify areas for improvement, and optimize staffing decisions.

Cash Movement Report

Monitor and analyze cash movements within your restaurant, ensuring transparency and accuracy in financial management.


Payment Type Report

Simplify account reconciliation by using the payment type report to track and manage different payment methods effectively.

Reports Export

Export comprehensive reports for further analysis and external record-keeping, ensuring easy access to valuable data for decision-making.


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We provide a free eco-system with all hardware and software requirements to help run your restaurant seamlessly.
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