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Accelerate the ordering process with self-kiosks

Big ques? Reduce your wait times and serve more customers and increase your revenue.

Menu and inventory management

Provides cost control, increased efficiency, and improved
profit margins through better ingredient tracking and
optimized pricing strategies.

Integrated payments and printer

Convenient self-ordering and online payment and automated print receipt and que number

Efficient communication between Kiosk and Kitchen

Our kiosk-to-kitchen integration ensures that customized dishes with add-ons and choices are accurately prepared and not overlooked.

Customer display and upselling opportunities

Collect data on customer preferences and ordering patterns

Enabling restaurants to tailor their offerings, enhance customer satisfaction, improve menu planning, and drive targeted marketing campaigns.

Restaurant Solutions

Kiosk Pricing

Even lower rates can be offered for order volumes larger than 150K per month in card transactions.

Type of transaction


Per order transaction

2% + 0.50 SGD

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      Payment solutions

Lowest transactions rates at flat 2% powered by Stripe. Free hardware and software provided

      Ordering platform

Free website with island-wide delivery and automatic dispatch and integrated with 12+ delivery partners

     Cloud POS

Order food by scanning QR code at your table. Convenient, contactless, and efficient way to enjoy dining in

Ready to get started?

We provide a free eco-system with all hardware and software requirements to help run your restaurant seamlessly.
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Integrated fixed per-transaction pricing with no annual or hidden fees and free hardware

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Get up and running with EatMe in less than 24 hours with our dedicated sales team

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