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Free Cloud POS system for your restaurant

Free POS hardware and software for smooth restaurant operations

Point of Sale

Android + iOS POS device and app

Allow restaurant staff to efficiently manage orders, payments, and inventory

Printed + electronic receipts

Providing flexibility in how transactions are documented.

Kitchen Printers

Streamline kitchen operations ensuring accurate and efficient food preparation.

Menu Management

Menu Items Customisation

Easily customize and modify to align with unique offerings and accommodate customer preferences.


Choices Customisations

Tailor menu item choices to meet customer preferences by personalizing options.

Addons Customisations

Effortlessly manage your menu by customizing and fine-tuning addon options

Sales Analytics​

Cash Movement Report

Monitor and analyze cash movements within your restaurant


Sales Trend

Gain valuable insights, helping you make data-driven decisions for improved business strategies.

Order History

Track customer preferences, order patterns, and improve restaurant operations for better customer satisfaction.

EatMe POS is all you need to run your restaurant

Something missing? No problem. We’ve got the tech covered; you can focus on running your business without operational and payment stress.

Table Management

Maximize restaurant efficiency through digital reservations, smart table assignments, and order tracking, reducing wait times and ensuring a seamless dining experience for customers.

Smart Table Assignment
Optimize table turnover by efficiently seating and serving guests.
Table Status Updates
Keep customers informed about the progress of their orders and expected wait times.
Mobile Ordering and Payments
Streamline transactions and reduce checkout time

Customer Feedback

Use feedback to make continuous improvements in the system for enhanced efficiency

Dine-in QR Ordering

Integrated directly to POS, streamlines ordering, customization, and payments. Real-time inventory tracking and automated order routing, analytics and reporting to increase your operations.

Go digital with your menu

Created to boost sales and make ordering simple for guests. 

Dynamic/Static QR code

Created to boost sales and make ordering simple for guests. 

Real-time Order Sync
Direct integration to the kitchen, sync orders streamlining the preparation process
Food Tracking and Status Updates
Provide real-time updates on the preparation through the QR code interface

Menu Management

Access and modify your menu effortlessly from any device. Update and manage your offerings with flexibility and ease, ensuring real-time adjustments to meet your business needs.
Progressive Menu Optimization

Gain advanced capabilities featuring adaptable pricing and quantity settings

Synchronized Everywhere
Change menu and it shows up everywhere – in the restaurant and online, even on the computer bills
Endless Possibilities
Craft your ideal dish with the broadest customization options available

Analytics & Reporting

Your POS is always leveling up! Constant improvements mean more data analytics and reporting, giving you better insights and control over your business.
Continuous Enhancement
Gain more comprehensive data analytics and reporting capabilities with each upgrade
Strategic Decision Support
Rely on your POS for strategic decision support
Adaptive Analytics
Stay flexible with analytics tools that grow and adjust to your business requirements

Free hardware included

Tablet POS

Desktop POS

Payment Terminal

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